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MARIELA LUZMINA – is a creator, holistic entrepreneur, creative director, writer, researcher, and business administrator. Her work focuses on the human psyche, consciousness, the body-mind connection,  food synergy within our bodies, and ecopsychology in a world where she perceives nature and elevated states of consciousness help heal the vibration of oneself and the collective.

With a Master’s degree in Performance Studies on Somatics and Experiential Anatomy from Naropa University (Colorado, USA), along with a BA in Humanities, and extensive research on Ecopsychology; Mariela developed a passion for creating Holistic Experiences:

“My holistic journey bloomed in the early years of college when I practiced integrating traumas and past experiences, through arts, theater, writing, and meditation. Healing felt crucial, not only for myself but for the collective unconscious…

I deepened my practice when pursuing my Master’s degree at Naropa University, Colorado. There I studied psychosomatic techniques for creating performance: through the body-mind (Somatic movement, Experiential Anatomy, Grotowski), the therapeutic and artistic potential of vocal expression (Alfred Wolfsohn Voice Research Center, Roy Hart Theater), active imagination (Carl Jung), spatial awareness (Suzuki Method, Viewpoints), among other techniques that were valuable tools for creativity. Movement is Life, and it led me to an intimate search for self healing, and deep states of awareness.

While studying, I suffered an accident that required surgeries and plenty of time for healing; thrusting me to embody everything I knew from the world of somatic movement, somatic psychology, and kinesthetic delight. I became my own subject study and my body became its own pharmacy. I learned that healing is composed of many layers, and we can access them naturally without the need for long-term medications.

Body-mind-spirit, holistic arts, nutrition, along with creativity and elevated states of consciousness, play a beautiful part on our thriving wellness… My mission is to be a part of that path, for myself, and for the community.”

In a conscious attempt to attune her ideas to a wider audience, she trained and worked in screenplay-writing in Madrid, Spain. She has written the first drafts for a TV Series and a feature film. Mariela has also participated with various ensembles –in Puerto Rico, the USA, Ecuador, and Brazil– by writing, performing, directing, and facilitating workshops, mostly for at-risk communities.

Mariela also has a passion –and years of expertise– branding and developing creative ideas for new businesses in the food industry; ultimately co-founding and administrating a Bistro and Coffee Bar which is filled with art, creative ambiance, inventive recipes, and a strong sense of community building. Mariela has also worked as a writer for local magazines, as a copywriter and concept-creator for Marketing Arts Inc., and for production in the film industry. As a writer, she has won the first prize in literary contests, and her works have been published in various Anthologies.

As a creator, she believes in building the new paradigms of a health-oriented humanity. Currently, she lives in Puerto Rico designing a new project that aspires to become a holistic business model,  having resonance nationally and internationally. 

Mariela is a visionary woman who, with passion and depth, strives to be creative and innovative in every endeavor she is part of.



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